Terms and Conditions

§1 Registration

1. The registration on Ougos is free. Every member may have only one account. Multiple account are not accepted.

2. The member is obligated to provide truthful information and to update its data.

3. Optional premium memberships can be booked.

4. The member is a consumer within the meaning of § 13 BGB. The member is an entrepreneur within the meaning of § 14 BGB treatment, unless it appears from the circumstances. This is the rebuttable presumption in particular cases:

a.    If you specify a company

b.    The registered website commercial objectives

c.    The Member expressly declared to be a businessman


§2 Rotation link

1. The link is inserted into OUGO Browser. How to insert link into OUGO Browser, you can read under “How to use OUGOS".


§ 3 Registration of websites

1. We only allowed websites with legal contents. Illegal activities are not allowed.

2. The following websites we do not accept:

a.     invalid Links

b.    links that content malware, viruses etc.

3. The following sites are permitted:

a.    Music and video sites

b.    Websites, containing framebreakers

c.    Websites redirect to other website

4. Websites will be reviewed by an administrator or co-administrators within 24 hours. In special cases, we could exceed the specified time. After website review by an administrator we accept your website or decline it. If we accept your website, the website is integrate in Ougos System. A further review does not take place.

5. A deletion of the website is made by the registrants. In cases of violation the administrator will delete the website and can initiate criminal proceedings, depending on the hardness against registrants.


§4 Use of Ougos

1.    The use of Ougos is allowed only for legal activities. Everything else that goes over the legality addition, is the responsibility of the user.

a.     Users that display advertising on its website by third parties (individuals, ad networks) to earn money, have the responsibility to ensure that third parties tolerate or permit our service. We would like to emphasize, if not a permit is present, third party could takes action against you, disciplinary or criminal proceedings.

2. For registered member is response for their websites and their pusblished contents (links, third party content pages) Ougos distancing itself from the registered site, including their contents and disclaims all liability. The risk lies in the sphere of the member.

3. Commercial use is allowed. Apply to § 4 para 1 and para 2



§ 5 Abuse of Ougos Service

1. The Member will not abuse Ougos system for illegal activities, enter any particular site/ s in the system by third parties without the consent of the owner. This also applies to third party content on the website of the member, who have stated in their terms and conditions, do not accept to use the Ougos system. The member is also obligated not to use to access the Ougos improper, in particular

a.    not to cause undue stress on the server structure of Ougos or remote offices, computer or computer system by untargeted or inappropriate dissemination of data or other excessive use

b.    to bypass any access others' computers or networks or security systems

c.    access to offend not against the law, statutory or regulatory prohibitions against public morality and the meaning of § 138 BGB and public policy to enter any particular websites that meet the criminal offenses or violate the rights of third parties. In addition, the member agrees not to make any uses which might damage the reputation of Ougos.

2.    Violations may be punished with a penalty of up to 10,000 €. In less serious cases, at least 10 €. In cases of

a.    paragraph 1 a) is the penalty of at least 250 €

b.    paragraph 1 b) is the penalty of at least 4,000 €

c.    paragraph 1 c) is the penalty for at least € 50, maximum 200 €

d.    payment fraud, the penalty 4 times the value of the service, but at least € 25. In particularly severe cases, a maximum of 800 €.

e.    false representation of data, including pre-, surname, address and zip code, city and country, the € 25 penalty. If the false statement made in connection with a payment fraud and this seems appropriate to hide the true identity of the member to the maximum penalty under point d) set 2 is due. 

f.    Creating multiple accounts can be punished with the complete exclusion of the Ougos system, credits could be frozen or be fine with 10 €.


§ 6 Place of Jurisdiction

 1. Jurisdiction for all disputes between customers and Ougos is Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Koblenz, if the customer should be a businessman.


§7 Entry into force

The terms and conditions come into effect on 10.05.2011 in force

Grafschaft, the 30.04.2011