Ougos Service

Autoclick program

Ougos is a click exchange program designed to make websites or links more prominent. Add your website or link to our system and you will receive more visitors.

What makes Ougos unique:

  • Automatic clicks

    Our traffic generates visitors to and automatic clicks on your website(s).

  • Up to 75 seconds

    is the average duration of a visit to a website. Up to three clicks can be generated during the duration of an average visit using the OUGO browser.

  • Anonymous traffic

    Unlike other visitor exhcange programs, Ougos traffic is distinguished by its high level of anonymity. A third party would have to go through great difficulty to determine that the traffic is generated by Ougos.

  • Increase your Alexa ranking

    Your Alexa ranking is guaranteed to be increased by our traffic.

  • You decide

    how often a unique visitor is able to view your website per day. You also decide from which countries the traffic may originate.

  • More than 150 programs are compatible with Ougos

    Our „programs“ page will tell you which programs could work with Ougos.