Download OUGO Browser

Get visitors to your site or/and to your links!


To receive Ougos traffic to your website/ your links, you need credits. Credits you will only earn over OUGO Browser. You can download OUGO Browser on this page. How to configure OUGO Browser correctly, please read our quick quide here.

OUGO Browser English | Compatible with all Windows versions | Download here ca. 1,76 MB

OUGO Browser German | Compatible with all Windows versions |  Download here ca. 1,98 MB

OUGO Browser Russian | Compatible with all Windows versions | Download here ca. 1,76 MB

  • Easy to handle

    OUGO Browser is easy to handle! Take a short look to our short guide and you know in 5 minutes the basics of OUGO Browser.

  • Open up to six pages at the same time

    OUGO Browser is able to open up to six pages at the same time in surf modus! This is very useful for you! So you can more time in few time!

  • Integrated Alexa Toolbar

    In OUGO Browser is an integrated Alexa Toolbar! So all sites will get better rankings. This is very attractive to get new visitors outsite the Ougos System!

  • Enable or disable functions 

    If you should come from a fairly rural area, so we recommend you to disable some functions in OUGO Browser. This functions you can disable: Pictures, Animations, Videos. This possibility is also great for all other users, who want to save system resources. PopUps can also be enable or disable.
    We encourage you to enable PopUps, it enables you to earn more credits. So PopUps will not appear, but only in the browser itself, please run OUGO Browser in background (read our quick guide here, please!)

  • Coupled to Internet Explorer

    So that OUGO Browser is always update in security subjects, OUGO Browser was functionally coupled to the Internet Explorer. Unless you enable or disable functions in OUGO Browser, then this has implications for Internet Explorer.

  • No malicious software (NO MALWARE!)

    Virus warning: When you open OUGO Browser or download it, you could be show up a virus warning that OUGO Browser is a faulty program. This warning is in case of OUGO Browser unjustified! But why antivirus software/program identify OUGO Browseras a pest/virus has a relatively simple reason:

    All the programs in which actions are automatically performed, especially pages are visited and automatically clicks are generated will be viewed as a threat of virues. After such programs structures is looked a virus program. If such program is found on your computer, the virus scanner is immediately issued a warning to you. Especially when the program starts.

    Why is the virus warning unjustified in case of OUGO Browser?
    The function to generate automatic clicks is for virus programs a clear indication that uncontrolled pages are visited, which the user will not visit itself. Therefore the virus program suggest to alert you. The alarm is in general justified. Because this technology is mostly used by malicious programs that are undetected on people's computers and are running all the time, you are starting computer.
    But OUGO Browser is only starts, if you want. Also OUGO Browser will not infected other computers, if you start it. OUGO Browser is executed only if the user wants it. This decision you would not have by a malware or malicious software. Furthermore, only pages from the Ougos System be visited. The registered sites are monitored by us. Websites which content viruses, malware etc. will be declined by us. Only "good sites" enter in our system.

    In conlusion: The function "automatic clicks" is the reason why you could get a virus notification. So you can rest it easy. It is only logical that virus scanner alert you.