Frequently asked questions about Ougos

The FAQ's should help you, if some questions should seem unanswered for you to find quick the answer. If you should have, however, a question which is not listed in this list, write us please about the contact form. You will expect from us an answer within 72 hours.

The questions - the answers:


    1. What is Ougos?

    Ougos is a kind of visitor's exchange to populate own websites. However, it can also serve as "a help" for a thief or begging play. The principle is merely different: there is neither Surfable, nor is compensated after a given time. Ougos trade with visits; but Ougos is really different to other visitor's exchange. Ougos trade with real and unforced click.


    2. What can I use Ougos?

    There are numerous ways to use Ougos effizent. We will show you a few options that occur relatively frequently in Ougos:

    1. Some use Ougos as a better alternative to a traffic exchange program. Traffic exchange programs can only send traffic to your site. Ougos creates visitor clicks plus.
    2. Ougos used for begging games or similar browser games.
    3. It is possible the number of views on youtube, news releases, downloads, profiles and top lists increase. This will increase the awareness of your materials and your web site!
    4. Furthermore Ougos will also earn money to use.


    3. How many Credits do I earn if I run OUGO Browser ?

    You get 0.25 Credits per visited site. If you have set the preference in OUGOBROWSER on "Six", you see 6 sites within 75 seconds. At three minutes you would visit 12 sites and earn 3 Credits. If in the OUGO Browser should appear the announcement "NO URL AVAILABLE", you get no Credits because no more member's sites are in the system. Don’t worry, within less minutes this can change fast again!


    4. I do not earn enough credits! How can I earn more credits?

    If you want to earn more credits, we recommend a premium membership. These are reasonably priced for only 1,79 EUR per month available! Anyone who wants to earn more free credits, which can of course also promote Ougos. Advertise your website and invite you friends and acquaintances about your Ougos-Ref-Link (See page dashboard) to Ougos one. The activity of their advertised site visitors and friends will be worthwhile in any case. For each page that visits your referrer, you will receive 0.25 credits!


    5. How long can I surf every day?

    We recommend to surf a maximum of 4 hours per day. The reason is that this time already been visited by over 99% of the available pages. Anyone who surfs for longer than 4 hours risk to get no more credits. You will only sees the site  www.no-url-available.com


    6. Why am I not getting enough clicks or clicks?

    That depends largely on your website. More links on website means, that the possibilty to get a click on a link is fewer than have a website with few links. We are happy to offer for you a small fee (at least 2.50 €) also check out your page and analyze the causes.


    7. Why do I get to certain third-party scripts no clicks?

    Please note that the HTML browser Ougo scripts and partly also able to read JavaScript code to see and visit. Scripts, the third party can not be detected place, is always safe to assume that these third-party wants to protect itself from automated programs. On the other hand, we are also aware of cases where our traffic from third-party use of such scripts which has been accepted. We therefore recommend that you contact the third party vendor and ask for an HTML code.



  • 8. Why are not all the visitors come from Ougos counted in my stats

    Please remember that our service hides the origin of visitors, so it is not possible that statistics can determine the actual origin of visitors, so our visitors will be shown as direct visitors. Furthermore, note must also the difference between impressions and unique visitors. Above all, the statistics diverge between Ougos and Google Analytics.



  • 9. How can I refer new members?

    There are many different possibilities. On the one hand, you can use our promoting banner and paste it on your website. This would be an idea to win unknown or foreign users as a Referer. On the other hand you can invite your friends to use our services.